Meet The Team

Our team always aims to help you on your productions. You can meet some members of our crew below.

Stammis Chris

Cinematographer,actor screenwritter

The man with the masterplan. Has been a successful dancer in Europe and a comedy writer. Born and raised in Sweden.He been working in the field of film and scriptwriting since 1986. Self taught and very creative driven. A dreamer, visioner and a artist who just..use film equipment as tools!

Kostas Apostolidis

Photographer - Videographer

Destination photographer - videographer with many years experience in the field. Playful but always with aesthetic touch. Kostas is the peaceful force in the team. You can find out more in his web site and view his work on Tumblr

George Baliousis

Camera operator

With 17 years experience as camera operator in television (ANT) who works with digital electronic and film cameras,George Baliousis know how to combine the use of complex technology with creative visual skills. Ladies and Gentlemen.. G. Baliousis!

Georgios Petsikopoulos

Storyboarder and directors assistant

For many filmmakers, the storyboarding process is essential for visualizing and organizing their projects before they ever reach for their cameras. Georgios Petsikopoulos is a great Storyboarder and directors assistant with expirience and vision. Always pushing the limits and dare to surprise!

Alexandros Kouros

Recording artist / live performance / composition

Alex is a open minded empathetic, organized and target driven young man. Very talented and you can customize or request a piece of unique and specially composed music for your film, commercial track for company, jingles, or anything else. You just name it.

Klaus Lali

DOP, Camera operator

Klaus Lali work as camera operator and Director of photography, is his ambition and goal. Klaus works hard with vision, unique visual identity and is very spontaneous. Teamwork is his motto and always positive to learn new and old techniques! Very hard worker. We welcome Lali to our team!

Yannis Korfiatis

Camera man

He loves colors and flavors, an amateur gastronaut, but an obsessive proffesional camera man.
Many years (18) at MTV ,NET,ALTER, a lot of TVC commercial. You can count on Giannis.. he have the flavor..