photo 2
Something is wrong
I knew from the beginning
Who refuse to understand
Its hard to explain to people
That's what i thought ...
Things went on just as usual
Until she showed up ...
Looking carefully at the evidence
Don't mess with me
I told you i am bad news baby
photo 3
It can only get better
Seeing things from up here
Just hold your breath for more
You never know what comes next

PepperSprayVideo Productions

What others just talk and dream about... We can bring it to reality! Its simple, we do it every day!


Our bread and butter, we live and breathe video production. A full production studio to meet any possible client need.


We shoot low altitude aerial HD video to add value to your production and get the most unique perspectives available.


Weddings, birthdays, you just name it. We are passionate to capture whatever is you want to keep forever.


Whether its just a YouTube video or a full web and social media presentation, our experience can guarantee online success.

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